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  • G.D. Fuchs, V.V. Dobrovitski, R. Hanson, A. Batra, C.D. Weis, T. Schenkel and D.D. Awschalom Excited-State Spectroscopy Using Single Spin Manipulation in Diamond Physical Review Letters 101(11) 117601 (2008) pdf doi bibtex
    @article{ Fuchs:PRL-101-117601,
    title = "Excited-State Spectroscopy Using Single Spin Manipulation in Diamond",
    abstract = "We use single-spin resonant spectroscopy to study the spin structure in the orbital excited state of a diamond nitrogen-vacancy (N-V) center at room temperature. The data show that the excited-state spin levels have a zero-field splitting that is approximately half of the value of the ground state levels, a g factor similar to the ground state value, and a hyperfine splitting similar to 20x larger than in the ground state. In addition, the width of the resonances reflects the electronic lifetime in the excited state. We also show that the spin level splitting can significantly differ between N-V centers, likely due to the effects of local strain, which provides a pathway to control over the spin Hamiltonian and may be useful for quantum-information processing.",
    journal = "Physical Review Letters",
    volume = "101",
    number = "11",
    pages = "117601",
    year = "2008",
    doi = "10.1103/PhysRevLett.101.117601",
    author = "G.D. Fuchs and V.V. Dobrovitski and R. Hanson and A. Batra and C.D. Weis and T. Schenkel and D.D. Awschalom",