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Efficient Polarization of Nuclear Spins With Electrical Currents in Transistors

Spin initialization in transistors

Nuclear spins can achieve very long coherence times, which makes them prime candidates as information carriers in advanced computing, including quantum computing. But what’s needed is an effective method for getting spin started at the onset of a computation. A team from Berkeley Lab, UC Berkeley, and the National High Magnetic Field Lab, including ATAP’s Cheuk Chi Lo, Christopher Weis, Jeff Bokor, and Thomas Schenkel, have demonstrated that nuclear spins of phosphorus atoms can be efficiently initialized by controlling the electrical current in silicon transistors. Controlling currents locally enables nuclear spin control in dense quantum bit arrays.

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R&D 100 Winner 2012: High Output Neutron Generator

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R&D 100 winner: Adelphi Technology, Inc.

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R&D 100 winner: Ion Source

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