LBNL Office of science Department of Energy

Ion Beam Technology Group

Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory

Accelerator Technology & Applied Physics Division

People @ IBT


Group Leader

  • Joe Kwan pic

    Joe Kwan (2007-2010)

  • Rick Gough pic

    Rick Gough (2006-2007)

  • Ka-Ngo Leung pic

    Ka-Ngo Leung (-2006)


  • Rainer Thomae pic

    Rainer Thomae

    iThemba Labs

  • Jani Reijonen pic

    Jani Reijonen (1998-2005)


  • Michael Dickinson pic

    Michael Dickinson (Engineer)

  • Tom McVeigh pic

    Tom McVeigh (Engineer)

  • Wes Tabler pic

    Wes Tabler (Admin)

  • Frederic Gicquel pic

    Frederic Gicquel (Engineer)


  • Brian Quiter pic

    Brian Quiter

    Nuclear Science division (LBL)

  • Scott Ambers pic

    Scott Ambers

    MSE Nuclear Eng. Consultant

  • Tak Pui Lou pic

    Tak Pui Lou

  • Lynn Heimbucher pic

    Lynn C. Heimbucher

  • Steve Wilde pic

    Steve Wilde


Graduate Students


  • Marc Zimmer pic

    Marc Zimmer (2015)

  • Philip Josef Michaelides

  • Arunabh Batra pic

    Arunabh Batra

  • Andreas Schuh

  • Jason Shangkuan

  • Jamal Mustafa pic

    Jamal Mustafa

    UCB Physics Department

Summer students

  • Maya Silverman pic

    Maja Silverman (2016)

  • Eli Feinberg pic

    Eli Feinberg (2016)

  • Alex Sulyman pic

    Alex Sulyman (2014, 2016)

  • Ian Allen

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